Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Election Coverage: My Voting Experience

Whew, what an exciting day! I haven't been this excited for something since I was a child waiting for Christmas. My local polling place (the fire station across from the Seven-Eleven on College, for anyone keeping score) opened at 7, and my roommate and I were there. I am glad to report that my experience was relatively painless. The line was short, it moved quickly, and things seemed to be well-organized. They even called me out for wearing a small Obama button, a violation of voter laws (I wore it specifically to see if I could get away with it).

There definitely seems to be an electricity in the air today. People walking down the street seem to be more friendly, and there's a general air of cautious optimism about town. Further updates to come, but here's the plan for the day.

2:00 - 3:30 - Coverage at Henry's.

5:00 - ? Coverage at Luka's Tap Room

11:30pm - Fly to Washington DC!

Plus whatever other updates I can squeeze in. Stay tuned!

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