Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Coverage from Henry's

I'm sitting here at Henry's I'm surprised to see the place so empty, actually; it's been a pretty hopping place for my election coverage up until now.

I've been chatting with Holly, who is a senior at Cal. This is Holly's first time voting for a President, and she's pretty glad to be voting for Barack Obama. I can't even imagine what it's like, having Obama be the first president that you vote for. I mean, the first election I voted in was 2000, and while I liked Al Gore, I wasn't really excited about him. Granted, Al hadn't really let his true colors shine throught at the point, so he wasn't the easiest guy for a 19-year old kid to get excited about. I also think I didn't know as much as I know now, which made it more difficult to follow the election.

But now? The youth are more precocious than ever; I imagine there are high school and college students with a better grasp of certain issues than I've got. Not only that, the youth are more likely to be technologically-apt. Obama's website, remember, has been a major front for his campaign. Phone-banking, donation, and information about the issues have all been proliferated from there. Add in election news sources, Youtube videos of rallies and gaffes, and the Obama iPhone program? I imagine the youth are quite excited.

Interesting news of the moment: apparently McCain's got robocalls going out to Cuban-Americans touting Castro's "endorsement" of Obama. This, of course, is not completely true. While Castro did have some positive things to say about Obama, he specifically refrained from an endorsement, lest he hurt Obama's campaign. In fact, he articulated some specific criticisms. Still, I don't know why we'd expect McCain to play fair now.

3:15pm. Got Holly's phone number. Not relevant to the election, but hey.


Brian W. Pettus said...

Well done, sir. Well done.

John McMath said...

Thanks, dude. Pretty sure I'm not allowed to call her, though; if this is her first time voting for prez she's gotta be, like, 21 or something.

Brian W. Pettus said...

Whatever, man. Not allowed? Screw that shit. CALL HER.

(if I must live vicariously through you, then so be it!)