Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live-blogging the third debate!

6:05. Back at Henry's. Can barely hear. McCain looks crazed. If I didn't know better, I'd think he's been crying.

6:06. Joined by a motley crew tonight. Dana, Sandhya, Shawn, William, Emily, and Alex. Obama talking.

6:06. I guess the question's about the economy?

6:07. Whatever Obama's saying, the CNN line tells me that the women are responding better than the men.

6:08. McCain's back on. Telling a story about some plumber in a higher tax bracket.

6:09. McCain promising low taxes, health care. Pitting Obama against Joe the Plumber.

6:09. Obama responds. McCain wants to cut taxes for the rich. Obama wants to cut taxes for the poor. 95% of working Americans. The line loves this; how will McCain respond?

6:11. McCain responds. Keeps using the phrase "spread the wealth around" in reference to Obama. I think he's playing the socialist card.

6:13. The screen is littered by little graphs that appear to pertain to various pundits. But I have no idea how to read them.

6:14. Bob Schieffer with a new topic: specifics about the deficit.

6:15. Obama first. Talking about correctly structuring the rescue package.

6:15. Racer 5 is delicious.

6:16. Obama wants to eliminate federal programs that don't work. This is in step with "Obama's New Deal," which he alluded to in the last debate.

6:16. Serious energy policy will also alleviate "borrowing from China to pay Saudi Arabia." The line says he's doing well.

6:17. McCain responds.

6:18. Alex notes that McCain "is getting pissed."

6:18. McCain is talking about ethanol subsidies. An Obama attack.

6:19. Again with the "I know": I know how to save taxpayers millions.

6:19. Tamar observes that McCain keeps saying this kind of thing.

6:19. Alex is right. McCain's gonna explode.

6:21. McCain claims that he loves President Bush.

6:22. McCain cites the record. Attacking Barack for not going against the leaders of his party.

6:23. Obama landed a punch, judging by reactions, but I didn't hear it. Oh, he backed something up by citing Fox News.

6:24. Obama went after him hard. McCain responding. It sounds like he's defending his record as a maverick.

6:25. Next question. Candidates have not taken the high road as they said. Dana loves the question. Alex sees this as a softball to bring up Ayers.

6:26. McCain responds that it's a tough campaign. McCain criticizing Obama for not doing town halls. Obama looks bemused. Talking about the negative aspects of "both" campaigns.

6:27. Reference to Sarah Palin.

6:28. Obama still looks bemused. Think he's ready for this. McCain just called Obama a "longshot candidate."

6:28. McCain criticizes the high spending of the Obama campaign. I think he's criticizing Obama for making more money.

6:29. Obama points out that 2/3 of Americans believe McCain's running a negative campaign. People care about health care, tax policy.

6:30. Obama says the attacks don't matter; just fix the problem. The women seem to like that one.

6:31. McCain criticizing Obama's spending again.

6:32. Obama just brought up "terrorist," "kill him." McCain getting antsy.

6:32. Obama denounces the civil rights comparison, but points out that American people are tired of the back-and forth in politics. Which he wants to focus on.

6:34. McCain just called the racists "fringe people." Apparently some T-shirts have hurt Senator McCain's feelings.

6:35. Obama: "Disagree without being disagreeable."

6:36. Gergen's pundit-meter not doing much; Alex asks whether he fell asleep.

6:36. McCain brings up ACORN. Obama still looking bemused.

6:37. Obama calls Ayers the "centerpiece" of McCain's campaign. Obama explains the Ayers connection, mentions that Ronald Reagan funded it.

6:38. ACORN, according to Obama, paid people to register voters. Obama represented them alongside the Justice Department.

6:38. The Line is responding well. McCain looks uncomfortable. Like, "what the fuck am I gonna say?" The women like this.

6:39. Henry's just burst into applause. Obama's remarks played well.

6:40. McCain's response was muddled. Something about taxes. Next question.

6:40. Which running mate is better? Obama first.

6:41. Obama is pointing to Biden's expertise. Scranton.

6:41. The bar is a lot quieter when Obama talks. This is Berkeley, of course, but still.

6:42. Obama advocates for energy independence. McCain's up.

6:43. I don't envy him; he's got to defend Palin. The hoots are starting.

6:43. He's pointing to Sarah's pipeline to nowhere--a pipeline that doesn't exist--as her experience.

6:44. McCain brings up special needs families. My lord, he actually went to Sarah Palin's Down's baby.

6:44. Dana: Look at the retarded-baby spike! Bwah ha ha ha ha!

6:46. McCain attacks Obama again for wanting to raise taxes. Schieffer changes the subject to energy.

6:48. Alex popints out the McCain's suit is shittier than Obama's. Intentional?

6:48. Whatever McCain said, it got a favorable response.

6:49. Obama responds. Expand domestic production. But we can't drill our way out of the problem due to the numbers.

6:50. Obama points out that we invented the auto industry. That probably earned him some red state points.

6:52. Playing the "uppity" card. Can Obama field this without "getting black"?

6:54. Obama refers to car dealerships closing. Talks about the "fuel-efficient cars of the future."

6:56. McCain's up. The line just went from the top to the bottom. McCain goes from there to preconditions again. The ladies hate him. "Senator Obama wants to restrict trade and raise taxes."

6:56. McCain has lost the plot.

6:57. Next question. Controlled health care costs or expanded health care coverage? Obama says we need both. The Line likes it.

6:58. The Line is maxed out, women and men. McCain is comfortably at the middle.

7:00. Alex: "Those are the shittiest-looking hand stitched lapels I've ever seen. Aren't you supposed to be rich?" Tamar: "He's trying not to show it." Maybe.

7:03. Obama is killin' this question. Explaining his health care plan, showing why McCain's sucks.

7:03. More regulation.

7:04. McCain on "spread the wealth" again. I think he's really trying to call Obama a socialist.

7:05. McCain is playing the communism card re: Obama's health plan. Here's the thing: that worked on Kerry in 2004.

7:07. Roe v. Wade. Schieffer wants to know if they'd nominate a Supreme Court Judge that disagrees with their position on it.

7:07. McCain says he's a "federalist;" he would leave it to the states, not have a "litmus test."

7:07. McCain points to his maverick record.

7:09. Obama answers. He hasn't looked uncomfortable this hold debate.

7:09. Obama says that any judge must be able to provide fairness to the American people.

7:10. Obama's killin' it. McCain knows he's fucked.

7:11. Obama's talking about the statute of limitations. Oh, he's going after the women. More applause from Henry's.

7:12. Me: "This debate's not fair to both candidates. When are they gonna ask a question about Matlock?" Tamar: "McCain kind of looks like Matlock..."

7:14. Obama supports a ban on late-term abortions, except where the mother's life is threatened. I hate abortion, but I agree.

7:15. Obama maxed out the line again. McCain is dead in the water.

7:16. McCain takes it to his adopted Bangladeshi child--which, if you'll recall, was a liability in 2000.

7:16. Schieffer with the next question, re: education. U.S. spends most on education, yet we suck. Is this a national security threat? How do we fix?

7:17. Obama: It's tied to our economic future and national security. Debate his between more money and reform; Obama says we need both.

7:18. Obama: $4,000 tuition credit for public service: military service, peace corps.

7:19. Obama says "we can't do it just for the schools; parents must step up."

7:19. McCain alleges that we have equal school access. He's talking about charter schools and vouchers.

7:20. McCain advocates Teach for America.

7:21. Schieffer wants to know if federal gov't should play larger role in education. Obama says the government should step up and help. No Child Left Behind, alas, sucks.

7:22. Obama wants to provide higher salaries and more support. Obama seems to attack every problem on two fronts. I like that.

7:23. McCain is on about vouchers. Parents want them, he says, because parents want the ability to choose.

7:25. McCain's Sarah Palin reference doesn't play well at Henry's.

7:26. Obama responds re: vouchers in DC.

7:27. Schieffer puts in a weird plug for ""

7:27. McCain closing. "My friends" returns!

7:28. McCain says America needs a new direction. McCain, the Maverick, will deliver.

7:29. McCain says that it comes down to the candidate that you can trust.

7:29. Now he's talking about a "long line of McCains" that has served the country.

7:29. Obama responds. Looks straight into the camera; this could be a fireside chat.

7:30. The Line is responding well to Obama's closing.

7:31. Obama renews his old message, that we all have to work together.

7:31. Obama's closing drew applause in Henry's.

7:31. Schieffer: "Go vote now. It'll make you feel big and strong."

7:33. P.Y.T. playing at Henry's. Sweeeet.


Area Man said...

The only thing erratic so far is the dial-session line at the bottom of the screen

Area Man said...

Men love it when McCain says he "knows" how to reduce spending.

Area Man said...

"Senator Obama - i am not president bush. if you wanted to run against president bush, you should have run four years ago."

Area Man said...

Obama, on one of McCain's claims: "Even fox News disputes it, and that doesn't happen very often."

Area Man said...

McCain just accused Obama of negative campaigning, for running an "attack ad on his health care plan." You're SUPPOSED to attack the issues! The question was about personal attacks...

Area Man said...

an eye roll?

Area Man said...

Joe the Plumber caused a crack in the men/women lines...

Area Man said...

Here's your fine...

Area Man said...

wait, mccain just said cosmetic surgery and transplants were both the subject matter of gold-plated cadillac fancy-pants health care plans.

Area Man said...

Thanks Motley Crew!